About TeaCosyFolk Knitting Squad


At TeaCosyFolk we have limited stock. The designer knits a couple tea cosies as part of the designing process, but then the designer moves onto the next design. So when the tea cosies are sold, the stock is not usually replenished. When non knitting customers visit the site looking to buy a ready made tea cosy, sometimes they are disappointed because the knitted tea cosy that they want to buy is already sold out; this is where the TeaCosyFolk Knitting Squad comes in.

The TeaCosyFolk Knitting Squad are individual crafters who bridge the gap in the websites stock. The Squad members fill in an online form telling the customers about themselves and their love of knitting, and they send a minimum of 5 photos of already completed TeaCosyFolk designed projects to display their work and knitting expertise to the customers.

The Members have their Pages approved by TeaCosyFolk admin, and then they can officially sell their knitted products made with TeaCosyFolk patterns through the website. Members can either sell stock or knit to order, which ever they choose.

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