About TeaCosyFolk Knitting Squad

Terms and Conditions

The TeaCosyFolk Knitting Squad is for knitter to advertise that they can knit tea cosies from TeaCosyFolk knitting patterns for private customers for payment.

TeaCosyFolk knitting squad are independent, self employed knitters and are not employed by TeaCosyFolk.

Payments are made directly to the knitter you select to make your pattern. TeaCosyFolk does not take any commission or other payment from the knitter.

TeaCosyFolk has no involvement or responsibility regarding agreements made with any member of the Squad.

Every member produces their own pricing list, you may want to contact multiple knitters when deciding who to contact to knit for you.

Knitting Squad Members

To enable your knitting squad profile you must have knitted five TeaCosyFolk patterns and provided at least one photo for each knitted item. Occasionally we provide free knitting patterns to our customers but Knittting squad members are permitted to use only one free pattern towards the five required.