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Country: United Kingdom

About me

I am very passionate about knitting and crocheting and have been knitting for just over ten years, although my Grandma taught me when I was very young.

I belong to a lovely group - Stitch n Bitch and we make many projects for Charity. I really enjoy making smaller projects, so knitting cosies is great fun.

I am happy to make any of the cosies, I especially love making the animal cosies. Since finding TeaCosyFolk I am addicted to making her cosies!

I am more than happy to make a cosy in the customers required colours, I have access to all yarn colours. I can knit a cosy in a week, but happy to run to the customers deadline if needs be.

I accept PayPal and cheque, offering free P&P, sent via Royal Mail - tracked, to ensure you receive your order quickly and safely. I am happy to work with the customer from the start to finish to ensure they receive a product they are happy with and love using. xx


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Here's some photos of the products knitted by Traceym