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About me

Hello there, my name is Emily and I live in a little village just outside of Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

My knitting business comes under Mayfield Knits.
My email address is emily.groves@rocketmail.com

I have been knitting for 26 years this May.
I used to watch my Nan for hours knitting square blankets, amazed by just how quick she worked. It wasn't until 1994 that I picked up my own needles - funny how a physiotherapy activity for my wrist after an accident, has resulted into such a love and for so many years afterwards.
From piles of small therapy squares at the beginning (which became my eldest daughters first blanket ) to mascot dolls, mice, flowers and now TEA COSIES.

I first came across Suzy's beautiful patterns when looking for a Welsh Lady pattern. Just one afternoon of scrolling through the Tea Cosy Folk web page and I was smitten.
I like to make the occupational cosies the most as they have such character and cheeky little faces to match.
I try to stick to the closest wool colour that Suzy states in her patterns but I am more than willing to complete orders in the wool colours that potential customers require.
I have a large amount of wool in all colours ( please don't tell the hubby, he doesn't know just how much I have - hidden )

On average, it takes me a week to knit, stitch and construct each tea cosy.

Though I prefer payment to be via Paypal, I am aware that some people don't have this facility so I also accept BACS and cheques.

Each cosy will include postage ( 1st class ) and packaging within the price stated. This is within the UK.

At present, I can dispatch items on a Wednesday and Saturday. (Also, Monday mid month when I change my knitting display at my local hardware store )

Completed Tea Cosies available for Sale :

1) Welsh Lady Tea Cosy - £22.97
2) Lucky Leprechaun Tea Cosy - £29.15
3) Country Chicken Tea Cosy - £22.97
4) Country Chicken EGG cosies x 2 - £13.70
* Complete set £31.46
5) Cornish Fisherman Tea Cosy - £29.15
6) Winston Churchill Tea Cosy - £25.03
7) Pirate Tea Cosy - £29.15

Cosies coming soon....

Australian Swaggie.
Beach Babe.
Bee Keeper.
Captain James Cook.
Morris Dancer.
Super Hero Tea Cosy.

* Please feel free to contact me if you see a particular pattern you would like me to knit which I have not listed here, many thanks, Emily x


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