About TeaCosyFolk Knitting Squad

For Knitters

Got what it takes to sell TeaCosyFolk knitted tea cosies?

If you knit to a high standard and would like to knit TeaCosyFolk tea cosies to sell yourself then please provide some details using the form.

You profile page sells your knitting skills to the customer and they decide that they want you to knit their order. They click the contact button which will generate an a pre-populated email that they will need to fill in a few parts that will send you all the details they you need about their order and their requirements. You then respond to them either accepting or declining the order, and you send them your pricing structure and P&P policies. At this point you can also ask for full or part payment up front or you can ask for payment when the item is complete.

When both parties are agreed, start work on the order. TeaCosyFolk patterns can be bought via the TeaCosyFolk website for hard copies and Emailed PDF versions of the pattern which are sent within 24 hours of purchase. Alternatively you can buy our patterns from Ravelry, Etsy, Misi and Craftsy for instantly downloadable copies.

Before shipping the item, always send photos by email of the finished item to make sure the customer is happy

Application Form

Please use the form on the right to apply for a profile page on TeaCosyFolk.

Some of the ideas that you could talk about in your Bio...

  • How long have you been knitting?
  • Do you knit and crochet?
  • Which tea cosies would you be happy to knit?
  • Which tea cosies have you enjoyed knitting?
  • Could you knit me a tea cosy in the colours that I choose?
  • Do you have to order yarn in or do you have a wide range of yarns ready to to use to fulfil orders quickly?
  • How long did it take you to knit the project photos that you have submitted?
  • How long on average could it take you to knit an order?
  • Do you accept Paypal, cheque or cards over the phone?
  • Do you offer free P&P?
  • Are your parcels tracked?
  • Do you send your products via courier or Royal Mail?
  • Why should the customer choose you to knit their order?

Note: Once active you will be able to add additional photos of your work.